Dive Sites

Our dive sites at a glance.

Within this small stetch of coastline we have a great variety of diving. Our shore diving allows us to explore the many reefs and rocky walls, both shallow and deep, and from the boat we can enjoy deeper wall dives, or when conditions are right, an exhilarating drift dive across the front of the Punta de la Mona headland.

It is possible to dive all-year round, with the best months from April to December. The water temperature does vary across the year, with a high of 26 degrees in the summer, to a low of 14 degrees in the winter. Thermoclines are possible on the deeper dives, with a low of 12 degrees in winter.

Visibility is primarily affected by the strength and direction of the wind, so we can expect an average of 10 to 15 metres, sometimes much more, and occasionally less!

On the dive it may be possible to see conger eels, moray eels, wrasse, bream, blennies, nudibranch’s, groupers and much more. Octopus are always a diver’s favourite, and the holy grail is of course the Sunfish

We like to think we have a dive for all levels of experience.


"We had a very enjoyable two days and had a refresher master class in buoyancy control. This was invaluable. All equipment was new and of high quality. I would highly recommend spending time with Phil."
DJo - Trip Advisor Review
Scuba Diving
"Highly professional he seems to be able to show you great dive sites impart knowledge on both recreational or technical dives but in a manner that you feel you are diving with a friend great guy."
Cornwall GB - Trip Advisor Review
Scuba Diving
"We did six dives over three days and saw a myriad of sealife. All the equipment is included in the price and we were pleased to note how much care Phil took to service it after use so there were no worries about using tired kit."
Mary D - Trip Advisor Review
Scuba Diving
"He has a great eye and if it is there he will find it. Octupus, nudibranch, cuttlefish, spiny starfish, conger and moray eels."
SeeJay 63 - TripAdvisor Review
Scuba Diving
"Fantastic scenery and really enjoyed the diving - being relative newcomers to diving we were extremely well looked after and learnt a lot too."
Jo Woodland - Facebook Review
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"We dived in a different place each day so got to see plenty of different reefs and areas of the coastline including one day on a boat for the final qualifying dive."
Robert Slight - Facebook Review
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