Senda de Saltillo

The Zafarraya Pass is the most important natural pass between Axarquia Malaga and the province of Granada, and as you approach it from the south it would appear that a gouge has been taken out between the two mountains, and through which we can access the small villages of Zafarraya & Ventas de Zafarraya, and across to the start of our walk.

Before we reach the start of our walk, and as we drive up the Pass, we are going to take a short detour to visit the ruins of Zalia Castle. Thought to of been built by the Phoenicians, and certainly expanded and occupied by the Arabs, it sits in a commanding position above the historic Nasrid road (now the A-402).

Continuing our journey we will eventually reach the top of the pass, where we will return later in the day, and where a short drive takes us to the start of our walk.

Our walk starts in the small village of El Almendral, which sits at the foot of one the long spurs that extends out from the Sierra de Loja mountains, and starts with a climb over the broken Karst rock, to reach the top, and our first vantage point that offers splendid views.

The walk levels out from here, and as we head north the path weaves its way over the interesting Karst features. The path eventually meets up with one of the tracks leading out from the mountains, and we descend beneath the small cliffs back to our start.

Our journey home includes one last interesting stop; below the Boquete caves. As they are high up on the side of the rockface we will view them from the track, but you will have an appreciation of what it might of been like to be a hunter living here over 30’000 yrs. ago!